We strive to help foster positive relations between communities through music, arts and culture. ”

— Aashiq Al Rasul

Brief Bio

Aashiq Al Rasul (AAR) is a music ensemble of like-minded individuals who were brought together through a common empirical belief enshrined in an expression of love towards the Creator and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Since 1998 AAR have illuminated this expression in the hearts and minds of millions, spanning continents and communities. Delivering the fundamentals of tolerance and harmony through a universal language: not of the tongue but of rhythm and melody. 

Delivered through a repertoire of classical Qasida, Ha md, Naat, Qawaali and modern Nasheed intertwined with a fusion of languages and beats from across the globe, AAR endeavour to strive and consolidate a truly universal message in order to harmonize the basis of humanity: that of love and peace.

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Track: Khairil Anaam

Video: Madinah Tun Nabi