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Aashiq Al Rasul is an ensemble brought together with the common understanding that love of The Creator and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the necessary foundation on which service to God’s creation is built. 

Since 1998; Aashiq Al Rasul has nourished the hearts and minds of audiences in communities at home in the United Kingdom and abroad. 

Delivering the message of tolerance and harmony through a universal language of rhythm and melody. 

Utilizing the means of a repertoire of classical Qasidas, Hamds, Naats,Qawaalis and modern Nasheeds supported by a fusion of languages and beats from across the globe. A truly universal effort to harmonize the basis of humanity; love.

The variety and quality of the music was both stimulating and broadening for all ... once again music has had such a significant effect helping to bridge some of the misunderstandings in how people of different faiths relate together ”

— Rev. Canon Peter Howell-Jones (acting Dean of Birmingham Cathedral)