1. We Are Here

From the recording PILGRIM

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We Are Here

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ALLAH Hu Akbar. ALLAH Hu Akbar, ALLAH Hu Akbar kabeera
Wal hamdullilahi kaseera, Wa subhaanallahil azeem, Wa hamdihil kareem
Bukrathaw wa aseela. Rabbi adkhilni mudkhala sidqin, Wa akhrijni mukhraja sidqin, Waj 'alni mil ladunka sultaan nan naseera

We pilgrims take this journey Changing our destiny
Drawing closer to the One One and only Rabbi
Sovereign Lord, our Lord Lord of all rich and poor
We pray to You, The Almighty Tears flowing, hearts lofty
Write our names amongst those blessed Following ar-Rasulul-‘Arabi’

Haazir hein haazir hein haazir hein hum
Labayk Allahumma labayk labayk labayk La shareeka laka labayk
Innal-hamda wan-ni’mata Laka wal-mulk La shareeka lak

Glory to You and Praise You are Unique, Most Rare
Granter of our hearts despair You’re the answer to our prayer
We’re advancing to You Ever closer in haste
No existence only You There is none like unto You
We are full of neglect and shame Your pleasure our aim

We are here. We are here. At your door so so near.
In Your presence Ya Allah. In heaven Ya Allah.