From the recording THE ESSENCE OF AL-MUSTAFA

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Jewel Of Creation

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The Prophet…

The Prophet is so beautiful, He is beyond compare.
The Jewel of Creation, Most holy, most rare.

The praiseworthy, the praised is he
Unique and matchless, the holy
Messenger and Prophet, the comforter
The perfect man, the crown of creation
The chosen one, the Prophet of mercy
The accepter, the witness, the illuminator
The friend, the truth, the trustworthy
Honoured, blessing, the grace of Allah

Protector, the strong, the intercessor
Virtuous, guardian, the orphan
Distinguished and highly respected one
Sincere and pious, the spirit of truth

The preacher, the healer, guide excellent
Key to mercy, key to paradise
Distinguished for glory, the brave
Most eloquent, Prophet of love