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From the time of creation of human beings, the cries of the oppressed and the slaughter of innocents have always resonated with those who are pure in heart. The track, 'Hear My Cry' is in the voice of those unheard cries of every innocent child - anywhere on earth - who are suffering from, and being killed by, indiscriminate aerial bombardment.

Unforgivably, political agendas negate the cry of the innocents. The powerful elites of the world have collectively shrugged off these cries who are then left to go only to Allah Almighty. These defenceless children beg for Mercy to descend from the heavens rather than bombs.

Then there are those who cry from within, whilst being imprisoned by depression and other mental health and spiritual issues. They yearn for release from their inner anguish and pain but find the way out blocked by the lack of support from health systems and the lack of understanding from family and community.

As the power elite remain untethered from their humanity, the oppressed, the mentally and spiritually ill, turn and return to their Maula (God) seeking Karam Karam (Mercy, Mercy) as shown by the blessed Prophet Muhammad - the Best of Creation - (alaihis salaam).

Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) reminds us that Allah Almighty is always ready to pour His Mercy upon us, whilst OUR role is simply to praise Our Lord. Let’s turn to HIM.

And that is the theme and message of this album.

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